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The End of PACs

Oh, how sweet it would've been...

TO: All Pomona College Students

FROM: Margaret Adorno, Registrar

Yesterday the faculty of Pomona College voted in a new General Education component to replace the ten PAC requirements, and also eliminated the writing- and speaking-intensive requirements.

These changes take effect this coming Fall 2005, and students who will return in the fall are free to follow the new requirements.

The new "Breadth Requirements" are fewer than the PAC system required (five, versus the present ten areas); the PE requirement and the foreign language requirement are retained.

By the middle of next week the Claremont Colleges Course Schedule on My.Pomona will display which Breadth Area each course fulfills. All courses except lower-division foreign language requirements, independent studies, and pre-calculus courses will satisfy one of the five breadth areas. This includes courses from all of the Claremont Colleges.

While courses at our neighboring Claremont Colleges are eligible to satisfy General Education requirements, students are still subject to cross-registration restrictions. Sophomores are limited to one cross-registration per semester; juniors and seniors may take half their load from cross-college courses.

If you prefer to follow the PAC system, you need only contact my office. The following is the break-down for the five Breadth Areas.

Breadth Requirements of the General Education Program of Pomona College,
Effective Fall 2005
Students will take one course in each of the following five areas; each of these courses must come from a different department or program. In all areas except Area 5, the courses are classified according to the 2-4 character discipline code at the start of the course number, or, in the case of Area 3 courses, also by the suffixes AA, BK, or CH. Senior exercises, independent studies, and lower-division foreign language courses do not satisfy any area requirement.
Area 1: Creative Expression
Art and Art History (ART and ARHI)
Dance (DANC)
Media Studies (MS)
Music (MUS)
Theatre (THEA)

*All literature courses in translation, and foreign language courses numbered 100 and above.

Area 2: Social Institutions and Human Behavior
Anthropology (ANTH)
Economics (ECON)
Environmental Analysis (EA)
International Relations (IR)
Linguistics & Cognitive Science (LGCS)
Politics (POLI)
Psychology (PSYC)
Public Policy Analysis (PPA)
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE160)
Science, Technology, and Society (STS)
Sociology (SOC)

Area 3: History, Values, Ethics and Cultural Studies
American Studies (AMST)
Asian Studies (ASIA)
Asian American Studies (-----AA)
Black Studies (_____BK)
Chicano/a Studies (_____CH)
History (HIST)
Latin American Studies (LAST)
Philosophy (PHIL)
Religious Studies (RLST)
Women's Studies (WS)

Area 4: Physical and Biological Sciences
Astronomy (ASTR)
Biology (BIOL)
Chemistry (CHEM)
Geology (GEOL)
Molecular Biology (MOBI)
Neuroscience (NEUR)
Physics (PHYS)

Area 5: Mathematical Reasoning
Mathematics (except pre-calculus) (MATH)
Computer Science (CSCI)
Formal Logic (PHIL/LGCS060: if Logic is taken to fulfill Area 5, it cannot also fulfill Area 3 (PHIL) or 2 (LGCS)
*Statistics courses in any department
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