"not drunk at all, just a really bad driver." (chicalta) wrote in sagehen_country,
"not drunk at all, just a really bad driver."

please please please any and all advice/comments on proceeding courses/profs

because I´m stuck in Spain and I don´t even have the course catalog with all the pretty descriptions and I would give my right arm for a little advice from the pros. fuck, I can´t believe I´ll be a senior. OK...

"Life Course of Women" with Jill Grigsby?
"Sociology of Everyday Life" with Yep (PZ)?
"Qualitative Research Methods" with Ochoa or with Jennings?

PHIL003 with Erickson? "Existentialism" with Sontag?
Advice on PHIL profs in general?
"Altered States of Consciousness" with Perry?

Linguistics advice (I´ve never taken a class, but should)...Prof. Vaysman? or Fought at PZ?

last of all, Intro French advice? Regular Intro or Accelerated? (Profs are Suriam at PZ, Boucquey at SC, Rolland at PO).

Muchas gracias. Seriously. I´ll owe you cookies in the fall. and sorry for x-post. i´m lame.
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