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Sagehen Country

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The community for alumni and current students of Pomona college and the other Claremont Colleges to network and keep in touch... because we love pre-frosh but we don't give a damn who your sponsors are.

Community rules:
  1. You must be either a current student at Pomona or an alum. If you don't know where the Wash is you probably don't belong here. The moderator reserves the right to boot you from the community if you don't meet this requirement.

  2. No bullshit. That means no spam, no advertising for other communities, no web quiz results, and absolutely NO posting of your new class schedules or your housing assignments. The moderator reserves the right to determine what is and isn't bullshit.

Pomona people are friendly folk and we don't mean to discourage prospective students from applying to Pomona and the other Claremont Colleges, but all inquiries by such individuals should be directed to the other Pomona College community.