mrs lopez (sillyhapa) wrote in sagehen_country,
mrs lopez

a question i haven't even asked myself

So Pomona has never had a woman of color president. Or an AAMP mentor president. Or a woman president with a pierced tongue. Or...the list probably goes on forever, depending on how specific you get. But what have we really never had? A president who is also a blogger.

I've been thinking a lot about the creation of a way cooler, more interactive website for Pomona students (someone sent me the link to, that's a good start), and then I started thinking about how much I personally would like to contribute. So here's the real question -- should I start a presidential blog?

The pros are obvious. We complain all the time about how we don't know what Senate really does, it would add an element of interaction and communication of relevant information, it would revitalize what is otherwise a dead aspc page.

But then again, is too much of what a president does going on behind closed doors? Will I really be able to communicate as freely as I like to? Will I run into more conflicts of interest than it is really worth?

I pose this question to you, pomona community bloggers, because only bloggers understand bloggers. Only you understand the delicate balance of inner depths and accessibility, the motivation behind spilling yourself to an anonymous audience. Am I crazy or would this be a good idea?
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